I'm a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover... an Eel, a Star/Twinkle, and a KeunShin StEel for life! ♥

This blog is dedicated to my favorite Korean Couple: Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye.

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4 months ago | 3 notes

Wed and Thurs nights is KeunShin nights for me. My Dok Go Mate and My Cha Eun Sang… 사랑해…

9 months ago | 8 notes
two of my most loved Korean actress wearing the same dress! Yoon Eun Hye @1003grace wore it in Missing you & @ssinz in a Mag! Twins? :)


two of my most loved Korean actress wearing the same dress! Yoon Eun Hye @1003grace wore it in Missing you & @ssinz in a Mag! Twins? :)


1 year ago | 1 note

An Open Letter to Park Shin Hye

Dear Hacci…

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2 years ago | 5 notes

[Ameblo/Translation] Park Shin Hye’s Official Japan Site Announcement


Full Credit: Park Shin Hye Singapore

Via Keun Suk♥Shin Hye International Fanclub
2 years ago | 1 note

This is like an introduction to the first chapter of my Korean Version of Autumn Concerto, entitled 

Melody We Made Together. 
(A Jang Keun Suk & Park Shin Hye fanfic)

Genre: Romance/Drama

All media used are solely for entertainment purposes only. Names used are fictional, any similarities in real life are purely coincidental only.

Main Characters:
Park Shin Hye
Jang Keun Suk
Lee Wan
Moon Geun Young

2 years ago | 1 note

"In this day and age, will love be enough for two different people from two different worlds endure love and life’s hardships? 

An ordinary girl who literally has nothing dreams to leave the place where she was supposed to feel loved and secure…her home. A guy who has everything and who may seem to lead a perfect life literally throws his life away each day. 

Until fate brought them together in an unexpected way….

He became her savior and she became his. But the destiny that brought them together also brings them apart…and seems like fate is playing tricks on them for they meet again after 6 years…with an unexpected little surprise…

Will they sing the same song now with life’s complications? Will they play the same music they did with the love they once had? Or will hatred take over the love they had for each other back then…”

Park Shin Hye as Park Mi Sun (Liang Mu Chang)
Jang Keun Suk as Jang Tae Hyun (Ren Guang Xi)
Moon Geun Young as Moon Eun Hee (He Yi Qian)
Lee Wan as Lee Dae Jung (Hua Tuo Ye)
Mason Moon Moorhouse [of Baby and I] as Park Jung Su (Xiao Le)
and special participation of:
Jung So Min as Lee Hae Jung (Hua Ci Xin)

When I first watched “Autumn Concerto (Next Stop…Happiness), I have hoped for its Korean counterpart and of course, would like to have my favorite Korean couple of all time, Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk, to star in it. As I “produced” the storyline in my head, I thought of who are the best ones to support the couple and Moon Geun Young and Lee Wan (thanks to a good friend) came into the picture. Pardon to the loyal Geun♥Shin shippers, It was really MGY who came into mind to play the doctor-fiance’ He Yi Qian because of her undeniable acting skills. And Lee Wan…ah I have also wished for him to star in a triangle with Sukkie and Hacci (so here he is).


I do not own the photos and music used in the video (I only edited the Autumn Concerto Photo). No copyright infringement intended, solely for entertainment purposes only.

The character names are my own creation (got them from a baby names website…hehehe).

Chapters will also be uploaded in http://shinsukkie.wordpress.com

3 years ago


The other day, I literally died and came back because of a spazz-worthy news of our dear couple! Thanks to my friends over at sukkiehye.blogspot.com! After that day, I was so tired of all the spazzing I’ve done! LOL 

To reblog:


Yep, they spend a very late night dinner after Sukkie return from Japan last Sunday 20th Feb. Joining them were Hongki & his fellow FT Island member; Jonghun (he’ll co-star with Suk in YMP movie). Hongki & Jonghun were from a concert while Shinhye probably from home since she lived nearby Suk’s place. Anyhow, 4 of them met up and spend a very late night dinner at a Japanese restaurant. One of the meal was “sashimi”, and they also headed to Dongdaemun market which opened til 5 am.

So, again, they are with their official chaperon, Hong Ki. Now, with another choco ball group member Jong Hun tagging along!
Now, if Shin Hye is not important to Sukkie, why would he bother to run to her immediately after landing in Korea and spend a belated birthday dinner with her when he was not feeling well during that time? Not to mention that he spent until the wee hours of the morning with her! If that is not love, then I don’t know what it is! ^_^

Here is a video of Sukkie arriving at Gimpo Airport that day:

At the latter part of the video, you notice him on the side of the driver’s seat…think perhaps he is getting ready to pick up his girl! love..love…love!

To whoever the source is, we can’t thank you enough! Kamsamhnida! Saranghae! ♥

(Source: sukkiehye.blogspot.com)

3 years ago | 10 notes
Geun♥Shin similarity part….uhm…sorry I lost count! Thank you Prince Sukkie! ♥ Saranghae! ♥

credits: lovingjks @FB

Geun♥Shin similarity part….uhm…sorry I lost count! Thank you Prince Sukkie! ♥ Saranghae! ♥

credits: lovingjks @FB