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This blog is dedicated to my favorite Korean Couple: Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye.

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3 years ago | 1 note

AN EEL FOR AN EEL…(for the love of Sukkie)!

When I heard yesterday about the news that some of the SukBar eels reacted on Sukkie’s behavior on the recent Lounge H event in Japan, I was just stunned and hurt and disappointed…and all I can say was “Are these people truly an eel, as what they call themselves to be?” Mad So my first reaction was to let Sukkie know (through @jksjapan in twitter) that he is not alone in this battle…that we, his loyal and true eels are still at and by his side.

How dare them malign him and take him down this way? Please pardon me for saying this because I feel for our prince…my heart goes out to him.

Jang Geun Suk is, by far, the most brilliant and handsome actor in Korea and in the whole of Asia, if not of the world yet, in this generation. He has developed and perfected his craft through the hard work and effort he has done in this industry. He lives to perform…he loves to perform…especially for us, for his fans…for his eels. So, now, him seeing some of his eels react this way is like a knife stabbing his heart…like the entire world crumbling down on him…for he has done so much for his eels. He has sacrificed a lot in order for him to provide for his first love - HIS FANS…US…HIS EELS.

The people who reacted this way, don’t they realize that THE FIRST PERSON THEY WILL HURT IS THE ONE THAT THEY LOVE MOST - JANG GEUN SUK? If you love someone, you have to accept his/her entire personality…the good and the bad. If you love someone, you have to accept or learn to accept who, what, and how he/she is. Remember, love is not a feeling nor an emotion. Love is a choice…a decision a person makes. When we, his eels, loved him, we chose to swallow his entirety…when we loved him, we have decided to believe in him, no matter what he does or say. So why, if you truly love Sukkie, would you have to take him down this way…especially during a time when he is not at his best…when he himself is not feeling well?

Jang Geun Suk is a very intelligent and bright man. He will not do anything inappropriate in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will not do anything stupid to make his eels think lowly of him. In fact, he would not do anything to smear his reputation as THE ACTOR & THE PERFORMER, WHICH HE HAS SO FREAKING WORKED HARD FOR ALL THESE YEARS, especially not in front of his family. So, I believe that he was and still is aware of his behavior in the recent Lounge H party in Japan. This is why he has to explain himself..because he felt he did not do anything wrong.

Lounge H is a gathering of him and his eels…to celebrate…to party. This is where he gets the chance to bond with them, to interact with them, to be more personal with them, and in some way to show his true self. So what he does in this event, we should give him the liberty to do it. If you come to the event/gathering, you have to be prepared. Anyone who has gone to a club setting before knows how it goes…so you,being an attendee should just ride the boat, if you have not gone to something like a club before.

What about Sukkie drinking? We all know he has this HUGE tolerance for alcohol (as all young Korean men does) and him drinking on stage is not new at all if you have seen or heard the Lounge H event before. And we should have accepted this fact when we decided to become eels - this is what I mean when I said that you have to take it all in. Besides, it is supposed to be done in a club, and you drink in a club. This is a fact. And yes, the amount of alcohol he took while on stage is waaaay far of him getting drunk.

And so it all boils down to one thing…if we all call ourselves an EEL, then we should just ACCEPT, LOVE, AND SUPPORT JANG GEUN SUK IN WHATEVER HE DECIDES OR CHOOSE TO DO PROFESSIONALLY OR PERSONALLY. We should just be in the sidelines watching and cheering for our beloved prince. This is what he is…this is what he does…this is what he loves…again, take it or leave it! Cool

He is also human…who loves and who hurts. Let us not be unfair to him. Let us just continue to love him as what we have been doing. He needs respect, he should be respected.

I love him, applauds all his performances, admires his strength and courage, and believes that he could reach the highest of high in his chosen career. Oh, and I would loooooveeee to meet him and talk to him one of these days…(perhaps when we go to Korea, my sistah Marrsq)?  lol!

Peace everyone! I do not mean to offend or bash anyone with this post…if I did, my sincerest apologies to everyone this early. I just felt I had to defend Sukkie, and all that he did for us. flower

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