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1 year ago | 14 notes

Is Jang Keun Suk Really In Love with Yoona?

Ever since that article from Soompi was released, I’ve been hearing rants about Sukkie saying he is falling in love with “Yoona.” I first encountered the said article in twitter, and having ONLY SEEN THE TITLE (well, I really didn’t open it the first time I saw it), I was like “Maldo Andwae (impossible)!!!”… but I smelled something fishy, knowing it is from Soompi. No offense, but I found some misleading titles from the same site, especially when it comes to Jang Keun Suk. And so, I clicked on the link and read the whole thing… and I was right. People were making a big deal out of nothing. Let me quote what Sukkie said:

Jang Geun Suk stated, “I’m not only speaking on behalf of my character, but also as the real Jang Geun Suk, ‘Hana’ is a very loveable girl.”

He continued, “Isn’t the romance between my character and HaNa so beautiful? While acting, the charm of HaNa came to me like it was real. That is why while acting I actually felt butterflies. I think I am in love.”

He also stated that he felt like he was going through puberty again because he has a lot of time to think back on his life.

Come on people!! >.< If you have been following Sukkie for a long time, then you must read him already… You should know that there are meaning behind his statements, especially when he answers questions about relationship and love! It’s just disappointing to know that there are some KS2H/SukHye shippers that are not as solid as I might think they should be by now…that there are still some who can easily doubt and be lured. Well, I guess I couldn’t blame them for Sukkie sometimes can be unpredictable and Shin Hye is quiet and is not as obvious as Sukkie is when it comes to how they feel about each other. But.. if you are a believer, then the faith must be strong. :) And… you should know the difference (and for some instances, the consistency) of how they answered before and now, especially Shin Hye. 

Anyway, going back to Sukkie’s statement above… to those who are still broken-hearted because he said he is in love with “Yoona”, well, my dear fellow shippers, read it again.. or might as well say, try to not just read it but comprehend it. Sukkie said he is falling for HANA, Yoona’s character, not Yoona herself. Why did he say this??? Well, let me run it down for you guys…

To those who are religiously watching Love Rain, you will know. I had a hunch before and it only turned to reality after having a conversation with a sister who is an Eel and a die-hard StEel (Thanks Meg! ^.^) HaNa is bubbly, persistent, strong-willed, fun-loving, naive, innocent, and fragile in a way. HaNa is feminine, woman-like, motherly too. When HaNa falls in love, she falls hard. But she also breaks hard. Aren’t these characteristics familiar to you? And take note of Sukkie’s first statement about HaNa…”HaNa is a very lovable girl.” Didn’t he say something similar to a girl we all know before?

Yes people… HaNa is very much like PARK SHIN HYE. And Jang Keun Suk saw this too… No, in fact, he was the one who first learned this. The moment he read that script, he knew. And yes, he fell for her in just three seconds. That is why during that kiss scene in episode 9, Sukkie was so into it. Yup, he did an internalization of this scene… The moment he closed his eyes, he only saw one girl.. his princess. Heck, he might have practiced this scene with her! (Aha! Another fanfic moment!) Kekeke… :)

Oh, and why did he said the same dialogue as HTK? Knowing Sukkie, he might have asked the writers to change this… but he didn’t. It’s because it reminds him of Go Mi Nam a.k.a Park Shin Hye.  ^___^

As the drama progresses, I saw more of the similarities and why Sukkie has fallen for “HaNa.” For one, when Seo Joon is lonely and sad, whom does he turn to? HaNa. When Seo Joon’s day has gone bad, whom does he look for and wants to see? HaNa. In real life, we shippers know who makes him feel this way. Who was there at Jang Keun Suk’s most important break-throughs in his life and career? Whom did Sukkie share this with? Who was the first one he looks for (which was recently proven at the Baeksangs)?

No other than Park Shin Hye. After You’re Beautiful ended, there was Garden 5, Codes Combine, the Tokyo Dome Concert, the same venue of Sukkie’s concert and Hacci’s Fan Meeting in Japan, the chocoboys, etc. Not to mention Jang Keun Suk mentions her in his interviews if he has the chance. Sukkie has never done this with his other leading ladies… except Park Shin Hye. And knowing this, I am hoping that there would be more encounters and projects for the “match-made-in-heaven” couple. Another drama perhaps? Or a movie this time? Kyaaa!!! *Crossing fingers*

So to my fellow shippers, don’t get too sad, frustrated, or disappointed. More so, don’t hate Jang Keun Suk for saying this. Remember, he only has the heart for one woman… and that is his princess.. our Hallyu Princess, PARK SHIN HYE. 

credits to soompi for Jang Keun Suk’s statement

photocredits to Love Rain Official FB and KS2H

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